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2 Solutions for Paper Pre-Roll Packaging are Rolling Out!

Childproof preroll box

Are you looking for a childproof pre-roll package with rigid materials? Finding a long-term collaborative partner to help to build your brand personality?

Look no further than Vaping Packaging. Vaping Packing is a design and manufacturing factory dedicated to high-quality paper packaging boxes for over eight years.

  • We have a sound momentum of growth of our factory.
  • We are seasoned and professional in vaping packaging.
  • We earned stable logistical channels and quick turn-around time.
  • Our packaging materials are high-quality and eco-friendly.
  • Our packaging products are completely customizable.
  • Our MOQ is small, and we can negotiate for a great bulk discount.

Relying on our professional team, high-quality products, and mature technology, we already have four childproof patented packaging solutions certified by official agencies.

The pace of progress never stops.
We have been firmly walking on the road of turning out high-quality and diversified packaging. With the support of the four already awarded child-resistant packaging solutions, we have developed two more childproof pre-roll boxes for your joints.

Planet-friendly as always, we make our new boxes with natural paper materials and a plastic pushing button. Yet, we still call for durability to equate protection among the environment, children, and the inner contents.
Therefore, an appropriate insert counts a lot for the inner product’s protection.
The solid compartment design ensures that your joints are protected from impact and potential hazards caused by shipping and handling.

Now, let us explore in detail these two packaging solutions together!

Pre-roll Packaging

#1 Childproof Slide Paper Box—Up to Date Edition

Based on the prototype of the classical childproof slide boxes, we added a partitioned inner liner to protect your pre-rolls from inside to outside.

Pre-Roll Packaging

#2 Childproof Paper Box of Classical Style

To satisfy the appetite of a group of classic packaging enthusiasts, we intimately introduced this traditional cigarette packaging.
While retaining the style of the old version, we also added an element that complies with the current packaging rules—the child-resistant button.

Pre-Roll Packaging


Child Resistant, Excess Light Resistant, Water Resistant

We provide childproof designs for suppliers in need, which will help you diversify your packaging and easily cope with packaging regulations in different regions. In addition, eco-friendly paper packaging can keep the pre-roll extracts safe from excessive sunlight, moisture, heat, and air. In this way, we ensure the flavour and aroma of your products.

Durable, Rigid, Reusable

As the outer packaging of the product, it needs to embrace both practical and beautiful aspects.

We offer diverse material options, including laid paper, C2S art paper (80 -157gsm), matte art paper, C1S art paper (170gsm), synthetic paper, Sticker sheet, kraft paper/card, tracing paper, flute paper …, etc.
All these options are sustainable materials that accomplish all your packaging needs, like storage and protection of the products.

We allow completely customizable material choices of thickness, strength, texture, and grade of paperboard. For instance, we recommend durable firm paperboard for fragile products like pre-roll joints.

BPA free, Planet Friendly, Avirulent

The high-quality packaging method matches high-grade products. An environmentally-friendly appearance represents natural harmony brand identity.

Each material conforms to the global environmental protection concept. Each of our packaging boxes can be reused by consumers, not only for pre-roll joint containers but also for other items such as blunts.

When consumers do not want to use it anymore, they can optionally throw it into the trash for it’s harmless to the environment.

Our Aspiration

Following the trend, our packaging has been updated and has been closely following the pace of the times.

A good-looking appearance always arouses consuming desires. We believe that your unique brand design will fulfil our packaging boxes with infinite creativity—either modern or classic.

While ensuring the aesthetic sense of the times, our packaging boxes are also environmentally friendly, reusable, and non-toxic. It is one of the best quality options for your pre-roll packaging.

Contact us Today

Our factory has optimistic development trend and is ready for your demand at any time.

Our seasoned experience and professional team promise you complete feedback on your custom design.

Our turn-around time is as quick as 3-7 business days. We all share a need for efficiency in the way without sacrificing the consumer experience.

We could offer a small MOQ for satisfying any size of business.

And guess what? A bulk discount is waiting for your negotiation!

All you have to do is to contact us and show us your brand design. And we will restore every detail of your request to present you your wanted packaging. In this way, we are pleased to build loyalty to your brand.

Please feel free to get in touch with us any time 1@vapingpackaging.com to get your wanted packaging solutions!


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