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Seven Widely Acclaimed Concentrate Box Packaging Solutions for Your Glass-made Containers

Pharmaceutical Package

This article will introduce to you seven CONCENTRATE BOX PACKAGING SOLUTIONS, which are the most acclaimed styles in the field of glass container packaging. From materials to workmanship, protection ability to aesthetics, these packaging solutions will endure despite the impacts during transportation and storage.

If you are looking for a packaging solution for glass-made jars, please follow the steps of this article and find your style!


Being in 2021, after more than a year of infestation by the “coronavirus disease 2019”, the global economy has begun to adapt to the new operating mechanism and grow.
With growth comes opportunities, and that means a rapid development of e-commerce. As a result, the blossom in e-commerce that accelerated during the pandemic also boosted the demand for protective packaging.

For suppliers with transportation needs, to protect the integrity of their products is necessary for packaging. Besides protection capability, retailers often need subsidiary packaging abilities that insulate excessive sunlight or moisture and should be uneasily scattered and conveniently stored.
Of course, the outer packaging also needs to have an excellent appearance, which can help to strengthen brand identity, extract attention from consumers, and benefit cost-control.

About us:

Vaping Packing is a design and manufacturing factory dedicated to high-quality paper packaging boxes for over eight years.
We have a sound momentum of growth of our factory.
We are seasoned and professional in vaping packaging.
We earned stable logistical channels and quick turn-around time.
Our packaging materials are high-quality and eco-friendly.
Our packaging products are completely customizable.
Our MOQ is small, and we can negotiate for a great bulk discount.

Below we will show you our seven best-selling paper packaging boxes, including one folding carton box and six rigid boxes.

Well, let’s get down to business then.

Introduction of our Packaging Boxes

Custom Folding Cartons

The folding carton can trace its history back to the 1840s and be used only for expensive items. It created the paper packaging industry as it is known today. 

As the method of mass production of boxes developed, the cost of paper packaging boxes has dramatically decreased. And now it is widely used in various commodities mainly due to its eco-friendly characteristic.

As the leader of paper packaging boxes, custom folding cartons has the most mature production technology and various new spraying technologies. These advantages have made this old revolutionary possess unlimited possibilities. Each gorgeous carton represents the brand’s identity and is the most economical advertisement of its own.

Concentrate Box of Folding Cartons

concentrate packaging (7)

Concentrate Slide Box

Paper Box + Eva insert

Because of the limitations of cutting machinery, the thickness of the board is limited to 0.81 mm. Due to this, our folding cartons won’t be as thick as rigid boxes but enough for vaping packaging.

Custom Rigid Boxes

Custom Rigid Boxes are another pop type of packaging that is usually associated with luxuries. A few decades later, following the folding cartons step, these rigid boxes came out and were typically four times thicker than average folding cartons.

This kind of packaging is widely used in vaping industry generally owing to its ability to isolate inner items from light and moisture. Still, it possesses high rigidity and good crush resistance.

Concentrate Slide Box

concentrate drawer boxes

Concentrate Slide Box

Paper Box + Eva insert

Sturdy materials with an appropriate insert, these three elements have created this popular packaging box, aligning with a novel drawer-style opening method.
We are choosing white as the base colour of the packaging box, which provides the greatest convenience for your pattern printing.

Lid-Base Boxes

square tube box 4

Lid-Base Box 1

Paper Box + Eva insert

Concentrate box 2

Lid-Base Box 2

Paper Box + Eva insert

Upon this section, we recommend two pop lid-base boxes.

In these two cases, we used 800GSM paperboard and 157 art paper as materials that lay a solid foundation for the subsequent manufacturing processes.

Currently, the most popular sizes are 707085mm and 555527mm. As always, we offer various size options to fit the different needs of your products. For example, round shape glass jars, square plastic tubes, triangle concentrate jars, and even hexagon shape jars are available and easily matched.

Magnetic Boxes

magnet contrate box

Magnetic Boxes 1

Paper Box + Eva insert

1 2

Magnetic Boxes 2

Paper Box + Eva insert


Magnetic Boxes 3

Paper Box + Eva insert

A box with a magnetic lid is a sensible option that survives fragile products from shipping and handling. It can stimulate a fantastic tactile experience as if opening an exquisite luxury.

For inner protection, we chose to use EVA foam—a new type of eco-friendly plastic material. It has the characteristics of good cushioning, quake resistance, moisture resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, heat insulation, and non-toxicity. These characteristics have proved EVA foam one of the best choices for delivering fragile productions.

Custom Options

Biodegradable Materials

Different material-packaging boxes would influence many aspects of your merchandise. High-quality packaging appearance promotes to elevate brand marketing value, bring a sense of ceremony, and strengthen consumer loyalty.

Paper packaging materials are presently the most environmentally friendly materials on the market, the most sought-after by retailers, and the most eye-catching materials for customers. Paper packaging boxes endow endless possibilities. Combinations of recyclable materials and the latest surface treatment technologies make your product stand out from the crowd.

We offer completely customizable options in terms of paper types, thickness, strength, and grade of paperboard. We are committed to building exclusive packaging boxes for you—get your products different grades of protection they deserve on the one hand and the other hand, make them charming and unique.

It is worth mentioning that high-quality packaging and materials will affect subsequent processes (such as painting and finishing), so that helps to give complete feedback of your designation.

Flexible Shapes and Changeable Sizes

The packaging box shape and size need to adapt to the dimensions of the products to protect them from damage. Meanwhile, space occupation needs to be considered due to the cost-control.

Ensuring both protectability and cost-saving, we can consider more unconventional shapes to meet more customers’ appetites.

Digital Printing and Exquisite Finishing

Compared with packaging materials, the box facades will bring more direct visual stimulation to customers. High-quality materials need to be held by customers to perceive them, while eye-catching patterns can often attract distant customers to come to it. An eye-catching appearance is magic that pushes people to take your products and be willing to pay for them.

We treat each packaging box as attentively as a work of art.

  • Advanced painting technology (national standard CMYK Printing and Pantone Printing are available) ensures the saturation and reduction of colors.
  • The latest surface treatment technology can nicely present the brand logo or some special texture requirements.
  • Good finishing can enhance the charm of your packaging, thereby enhancing the market value of the product. When opening the package, your customers feel that they are opening an exquisite luxury item and get satisfaction and enjoyment.


If we have something that blows your mind, if you are willing to trust us, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will spare no effort and cooperate with all our strength to help you create your ideal product packaging. We will carefully select materials, attentively produce, and strive to present the final work right your way.

It is our great honour to cooperate with you, and your request is the driving force for us to endeavour.

Please feel free to contact us at VapingPackaging.com for the latest quotation. We are available to facilitate customers at any hour.


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