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Best Custom Retail Packaging: The Ultimate Selection Guide (2021)

Craft Retail Packaging Box

With an endless number of retailers in the global retail market, how do you differentiate yourself from the rest and establish your own brand?

Custom retail packaging is your best option to differentiate yourself from other brand retailers. Whether you’re a startup or a large, established company, VapingPackaging‘s custom packaging boxes are appreciated, and branding can bring you higher revenue as well as increased brand awareness. You need to get your products eye-catching on the shelves from the start, so custom retail packaging is more important than ever.

Custom eye-catching retail boxes can help your brand gain attention

Vaping packaging custom branded boxes help your company stand out in a crowded market. Do You Want to know the secret weapon of Custom packaging can:

  • Attract consumers’ attention to you
  • Explain how to use your product
  • Show your product during shipping
  • Tell your product’s unique story
  • Demonstrate your product’s value message
  • Expand your unique sales growth
  • Win more repeat customers for you
  • Achieve high-end artwork design

Customized eye-catching retail packaging can affect people’s ability to buy behavior, making it a seed in the customer’s mind, as long as it germinates, will become a strong asset to your brand.

So, having us customize your retail packaging is a smart choice that’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Mailer Box

Customizing every inch of your retail packaging boxes

No matter what kind of packaging created, the first step is to determine the size and shape of your product. Vaping packaging can make any size, color, or shape for your product based on your exact specifications.

Custom retail packaging can add or showcase anything you (or your designer) need for advanced customization, including exquisite design, high-quality packaging materials, and special surface treatments, etc.

Attract new customers and turn them into your fans

The survey shows that 70% of consumers will affect their purchasing behavior because of packaging, and 40% of people will buy again because of similar gift packaging.

With exquisite packaging design, your products can be identified by users and are more likely to be recommended to family and friends according to consumers’ experience of your brand, so on improve brand awareness.

By customizing retail packaging to help transform customers into your brand promotion ambassadors, they will:

  • Recommend your business to their family or friends
  • Share their comments on your product on social media
  • Repeat buy

Retail packaging is the bridge between new customers and your brand.

In a dazzling array of shelves, how can users attracted at first glance in a short period of time?

For most consumers, retail packaging is the first time they interact with your brand. At this time, the beautifully designed custom packaging will play its role, with the similar gift-wrapping feeling letting the consumer’s first impression become a powerful impact, thus enhancing the consumer’s buy desire.

The beautiful, fashionable packaging tone can enhance the experience of consumers!

By the way, the main colors popular in 2021 are gray and yellow for your reference. These two colors said together in Chinese, which means “resplendence”.

High-quality retail packaging can improve the value of your brand

Custom Creative and practical packaging allows consumers to reuse your packaging, such as home decor, storage containers, storage boxes, etc. High-quality product packaging can help you improve the value of the product and brand awareness.

A key element of any brand’s messaging, style, and strategy is packaging consistency, which can also increase brand loyalty.

Custom retail packaging + word-of-mouth marketing

Good Ideas + high-quality products will win customers love, and exquisite unique sustainable packaging, easier to encourage users to share with the people around.

Especially under the general trend of social networks, the picture and text content or video content generated on social media is becoming more and more popular, which can expand the influence of the brand while guiding new customers.
So, the customization of retail packaging is essential.

Box Package

Enhance the brand and enhance the unpacking experience

Every day, many people watch unpacking videos of the product on YouTube or other social media to see the introduction of the product and the unpacking experience. So, this is an important factor for you and your potential customers.

Product unpacking video starts with your retail packaging, and in a market where 90% of users are influenced by packaging design, custom packaging is a must-have option.

Besides, unboxing videos can help you build your own community around your brand. Because of human nature, people like to see beautiful things and products. And when someone unpacks your products, the beautiful packaging will give consumers the feeling of a bright, they will want to feel the same.

Use video and social media to showcase your products and enhance your brand!

You Can Think Like Us, from the customer’s point of view. What your customers expect to experience, you provide them with that experience, even beyond their expectations. Everyone’s gonna love it.

For retail stores, eye-catching packaging on the shelves can attract customers’ attention, can maximize the display of your products, increase customer buy.

At the same time, the exquisite multi-purpose packaging, customers can use as a storage box or household furnishings, on your brand is also a very strong promotion.

Help expand the different types of retail packaging for your brand

Based on your own product business, choose the type of retail packaging for your own. Different types of products need different packaging requirements, in the end, which type of packaging for your business? Look Down, Please!

Offline physical retail packaging

Whether you run your own branded store or distribute your brand rights to other retail stores, product packaging tells the story of your unique product or displays information about the value of your product. In offline physical retail stores, the benefits of customizing your retail packaging include:

  • Protect your product from damage and dust
  • Unique styles and high-quality finishes make your products stand out on the shelves
  • Attract customers to buy your product
  • Communicate the value of your brand and product
  • Practical Design can bring you more repeat customers
  • Expand the reach of your brand
Pharmaceutical Package

E-commerce retail packaging

Ecommerce companies link users via the Web, do not need to have face-to-face conversations with customers, and consumers do not have direct contact to experience their products and brands. So, it is important to embed your brand information and values through custom retail packaging.

Custom retail packaging can help tell the story of Your Unique Brand, deliver your brand and impress and buyback customers after they buy. For e-commerce retail, your packaging should:

  • Show your concern for customer experience and attention to product details
  • Protect the safety of your products when they reach customers
  • Let the packaging of your products make the customers feel the value.
  • Pass on your brand influence and information to consumers why they choose you
  • Make customers experience your brand and share your products with friends around them
  • Win-win with everyone

Custom shipping boxes and custom mail packaging are the preferred options for e-commerce retail. The packaging box provided by vaping packaging can be 100% customized, including the choice of raw materials, surface finishing, full-color printing and Pantone Printing, and other special processes for your products customized every inch of the packaging.

Custom folding cartons

Customized folding cartons are also suitable for the display of offline retail stores. Their sizes support more customized displays. Double-sided printing or single-sided printing can be selected, and even gilding or silver-stamping can done at designated locations on the surface to make your packaging look more upscale and attract customers’ attention.

For any industry, folding carton customization and application are impeccable. which is your best choice for custom retail packaging. Custom folding packs provide an extra layer of protection while delivering your brand value.

In the folding cartons (actually any packaging), we can also customize plug-ins to let your customers experience the surprise of being out of the box!

Folding Cartons Mockups

Custom paper tube packaging

Custom paper tube packaging is made of 100% renewable raw materials, and while consumers buy it, it also contributes to the protection of the environment. This is the best result.

Custom paper tube packaging not only supports foil stamping, spot UV, embossing, and debossing technology but also can be reused. It is suitable for customized paper tube packaging of candles, cosmetics, electronics, lipstick, coffee, tea, and other products. Contact your own packaging consultant to customize it!

Paper Tube

Brand retail gift box

Well-designed retail gift boxes can be a valuable marketing tool by giving customers the feeling of receiving a gift. Making them feel good, and conveying your brand message.

Whether it’s a startup or a major brand, custom retail packaging or wholesale custom gift boxes, vaping packaging’s custom services are great for your product and brand growth.

Gift Package And Round Label Tag

Brand retail bag

Brand retail bag used, whether as a product packaging or daily use, are the perfect match.

  • Disposable paper bags
  • Disposable plastic bags
  • A high-end paper gift bag that displays your brand information
  • Reusable branded retail bags
Paper Bag And Product Mockups

Tips: customizing reusable brand retail bags can help you expand your brand’s reach by continuing to expose your brand after a customer’s buy.

Design of retail packaging

Vaping packaging can only provide you with a simple artwork design (if necessary). Our advantage is to produce custom packaging boxes, and different customers different products have different design needs.

We can provide you with a prototype design and quick delivery, and you need to submit your artwork design to us, and we’ll Do the rest.

Expert tips: If you are not a designer or can not do it yourself, you can outsource custom retail packaging design. You can take a look at the outsourcing sites below(99designsUpworkFiverr).

You need 6 steps for custom retail packaging:

Step 1: know the size of the product

No matter what kind of packaging you customize, the first thing to do is to know what size box you need.

Second, you need to measure the size of the product, including (height, width, and length) and all other items to put into the box. but also consider the need to use any other protective packaging insert type and size.

Step 2: determine what information needs to displayed on the packaging

In offline retail stores, consumers usually don’t unpack immediately. So, you need to customize the retail packaging to show what is in your product and what to expect. Consider adding:

  • Instructions on how to use the product
  • Information about your brand or product
  • Your logo and slogan
  • Unique brand story
  • An acceptable price
  • Exquisite product photos

For e-commerce retail business, customers will receive the first time for unpacking. So, there is no need to display too much information on the external packaging. Consider using:

  • Strong Visual Impact, highlighting your brand
  • A consistent packaging design that unifies your brand’s colors, fonts, and content
  • Useful Tips for consumers

Step 3: whether you need to add an internal appearance

For offline brick and mortar retail packaging, the presentation of the interior and exterior is not a priority. But you might also consider printing out product descriptions and social information.

For e-commerce retail packaging, the internal appearance of the display can improve the user’s unboxing experience. The unique brand story printed inside, so that customers feel your brand transmission, and encourage them to share.

Step 4: add compelling graphics and design to highlight your brand

Once you have determined the information your brand wants to display, consider how you can make your designs stand out. (brand graphics, fonts, colors) from your competitors.

Using a contrasting design or a unique brand design on the shelf can make your product box stand out from the pack.

You can also customize the brand packaging based on your customers’ portraits to create your own differentiated marketing.

Step 5: After You’ve Identified Your Idea, hand it over to us for a quick proof

After you have identified the brand information and artwork you want to present, now it’s time to make it a reality!

All you have to do is submit your artwork design to us (we need a vector PDF or AI file). Our professional team and advanced production processes can verify and deliver in 7 days.

Step 6: confirm the sample and send your bulk order

After you receive the samples, please check everything to make sure everything goes. If you need to adjust the place, please communicate with us in time, we will respond to your question for the first time!

After you confirm the sample is correct, you can send us the batch order, we will start to make your artwork design into reality!

On the Custom Retail Packaging FAQ:

What is custom retail packaging?

Custom retail packaging is packaging that combines your brand logo, slogan, or design style on the inside or outside of the box.
This helps your brand thrive in crowded markets and win brand attention.

What is the min customized quantity for retail packaging?

Our New Design Min Order is 2000 pcs.

What special materials and processes are available for customized retail packaging?

We have different raw material suppliers, which can custom according to your requirements material.
Besides, we also support special processes such as Spot UV, embossing, debossing, gold foil stamping, silver foil stamping, and so on for your choice.

What are the benefits of customized retail packaging?

Custom retail packaging can help you attract customers’ attention and make your brand stand out. At the same time, you can strengthen consumers’ first impression of your product, increase the value of the brand, and get free word-of-mouth marketing.

Where can I order wholesale and retail boxes?

VapingPackaging offers a wide range of retail Packaging in a variety of styles and sizes, including folding cartons, shipping boxes, and mailing boxes.
To meet different types of business, we will be reasonable prices, high-quality service for you to provide workable packaging customized solutions.
And I have written an article on how to customize packaging boxes in China: you can take a look.

What’s the turnaround time for custom retail packaging?

The digital box sample time is about 7 days for delivery; for bulk production orders (which need to based on the actual number of orders), the turnaround time for a typical batch is about 8-15 business days.

Changing the shape of the box starts to stand out today

Packaging is a key factor in product experience and brand awareness. Stand up! Get attention!

VapingPackaging is your trusted one-stop Packaging expert, from material selection, production process to final Packaging, a strict quality management system can ensure that all Packaging box manufacturing quality is the same.

We committed to helping wholesalers and brand owners complete their high-end art packaging customization services, using your custom printed packaging to speak on behalf of your brand and your favorite cause.

Contact your exclusive consultant to take the first step in brand development!


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