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How To Customize Packaging Boxes In China?

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In today’s consumer market, the easiest way to have your own brand is to print your company logo on your own product packaging and promotional content. Vapingpackaging is a professional manufacturer of custom packaging in China, offering a variety of solutions for your product packaging to make your brand stand out from the competition.

Why customize product packaging?

Custom boxes are extremely beneficial for startups and private label companies, allowing your brand to quickly gain popularity and success.

  • Custom boxes can help create your brand without a complex and time-consuming development process.
  • Create shelf display advantage through eye-catching design
  • Helping your brand gain a competitive and communication advantage
  • Help you increase the price of your products by at least 5-10% or more.
  • Differentiate your competitors

What’s the process for custom packaging?

The process for customizing boxes is very simple and is explained in detail below.

  • Choose which box type your product is suitable for (we support customization of any box type)
  • Provide your artwork design or print files (size, color, material, quantity, surface finish).
  • Free samples for you (shipping costs are your responsibility)
  • You confirm the sample order and we arrange the production.
  • Quality Control Completes Shipping Arrangements

How long does custom packaging take?

The time for custom packaging depends on a variety of factors, generally speaking, the custom packaging of samples is completed within 7 days, the time for bulk custom packaging depends on the product packaging surface finishing process, size, size, characteristics of the raw materials and the number of orders, usually bulk custom packaging completion time of 7 to 15 working days.
*Please contact your dedicated packaging consultant for more information. 1@vapingpackaging.com

What’s the price of custom packaging?

The price of custom packaging is usually determined by the following factors:

  • Package size (the most influential pricing metric)
  • Styles of Boxes
  • Printing options and ink coverage
  • Raw materials (quality raw materials increase the price)
  • Quantity (the higher the quantity, the greater the unit cost savings)

How is custom packaging shipping?

We offer a variety of shipping options and can customize your shipping plan to fit your business needs.
All of our products are carefully packaged to withstand the harsh elements that can be encountered during shipping, and our bulk custom packaging is usually shipped by sea to all parts of the world.

  • 20-25 days for fast sea freight, 35 days for traditional sea freight.
  • Samples are shipped by DHL/UPS air within 3 to 5 days.
  • 20~25 days for rail transport in the EU


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