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A Simple Guidance: How to buy cannabis packaging from China?

how to buy cannabis packaging from china

Since 2019, the global spread of the new crown epidemic has continued for nearly three years. China has actively adopted favorable policies to respond to various changes in the epidemic. So far, the epidemic situation in China has stabilized, and the packaging industry has gradually returned to its pre-epidemic state. Ordering cannabis packaging from China has become as economical, easy, and stable as before.

China has been praised as the manufacturing factory of the world. While Chinese manufacturers always provide high-quality products with competitive prices on most packaging types. All developed businesses, medium-sized businesses, and start-ups can offer fast production cycles and high productivity applications. The packaging solutions are free from the restrictions of kinds and numbers, including everything you name it, such as folding cartons, set-up boxes, corrugated boxes, cylindric paper boxes, mylar bags, pop-top tubes, glass jars, tin pots.

But, how to buy?

How to choose a reliable and responsible Chinese packaging factory among the endless searching results from the internet?

The following part provides several steps and feasible suggestions for references.

Find Chinese Producers Through Internet

We have to admit nothing is more convenient and swifter than the internet when we want to find worldwide packaging manufacturers or companies.

So, the first step of finding a Chinese packaging partner is to surf the internet via Alibaba, DHgate, Aliexpress, Google, etc. Search “cannabis packaging, China” on Google, for example, and browse those show-up website results. Remember to keep a clear head when you meet an extra attractive webpage since not all good-looking websites mean they could provide the same good packaging products.

The vital thing is to contact their online assistants or send an e-mail with your packaging needs. Communicate more to get more information. Trying to understand the companies’ service attitude and professional level. Consulting questions generally include the following aspects based on your packaging needs and quantity needs:

1. Do they provide custom-designed packaging solutions or simply standard packaging?

2. If custom packaging is available, what customization options do they have?

3. Are there any quantitative limitations? What are MOQ requirements?

4. Whether they have their own factory or are they an outsourcing company?

5. How many packaging experiences do they have?

6. Do they work with companies of all sizes?

7. How long do quotes and price estimates will take?

8. What are the potential risks in the long process of cross-border transportation?

9. What payment methods are available for the business?


Evaluate the backgrounds of online suppliers according to their answers to these questions. You’ll know who’s the best for your business.

Custom-Designed or Factory-Designed Packaging

After choosing your ideal packaging company, the next step is to decide which kind of packaging you need. Consult their packaging experts if you don’t have a clear direction in your mind. Typically, there are two packaging modes.

One is OEM (custom-designed product packaging), a complicated producing process. It may take a few months from making your order to receiving it because the sample development needs time. But, for those brands who want to launch new products or advertise seasonal items, it is worth waiting.

Two is ODM (factory-designed product packaging), an easier way to get a relatively good package in a shorter time. This choice will save you much time-cost, and you can depend on this mode when you have urgent orders.

Both OEM and ODM modes need you to be all set to design the artwork required for the package, typically in the format of PDF or AI files.

Qualified online services will help you during the whole process of making your packaging orders. Don’t be shy to keep negotiating with your exclusive packaging consultant in every detail to get the most fitted and esthetical products.

Ask for a Sample before Mass-Produced

Chance to confirm the products’ quality and the custom packaging details. Also, check out the printing contents are legal in line with the packaging regulations of areas where your business will distribute. Most producers can cover this cost after the order confirmation. So, keep up the communication and don’t miss this chance to improve your packaging furtherly.

Keep Communicating

If you are happy with the samples, producers will next produce high-volume production. Make sure both you and sellers are clear about the bulk price, quality requirements, shipping solution, shipping cost, and delivery time. Get these packaging messages based on professional trade terms to avoid ambiguity and misunderstanding. Any link in the supply chain is a vital participant that might affect your sales.

Focus on Payment Details

To further confirm the payment details. Except for using international payment methods (PayPal, T/T, bank transfer, Western Union, MoneyGram, Alibaba online payment, etc.), there are still issues to notice, including non-disclosure agreements, solutions for unsatisfactory orders, or handling of shipping accidents. And then, what you have to do is to trust your cooperator and give him time to finish the artwork.

Prepare for the Customs Clearance

Last but not least is to wait for the shipment and prepare for the customs clearance.

You don’t need to worry about the export processes from China because your suppliers will help deal with those required documents, including contracts, commercial invoices, packing lists, bill of lading, and certificate of origin.

For the import to your area, remember to check out the import certification requirements according to the local regulations. A local logistics company will help if you want professional consultants.

Once you understand the above process, importing cannabis packaging from China is not as complicated as you might think.

Start now by Vaping Packaging, and find your ideal packaging solutions here.


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