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How to Unclog Vape Oil Cartridge: Everything Do You Know

Unclog Vape Cartridge

If you are new to the vape world, and you’re using a vape pen, or similar device, then you may run into problems with the oil cartridge clogging. This is especially common when using flavoured oils, which can sometimes leave behind an oily residue that causes the cartridge to stick.

So, how to unclog a vape cartridge?

Try using a hairdryer (lowest heat setting) to change the viscosity of the cartridge by heating it to remove excess concentrate. Or use a very small pointed object, such as a toothpick or safety pin, to unclog the hole into the tip to prevent clogging at the top location.

I have some thoughts on VAPE Cartridge, which I will expand on to you in the following ways, and that you read it before you begin to unclog and clean:

What causes your vape cartridges to get clogged?

  • After using the VAPE Cartridge for some time, a long period of inactivity caused a blockage. It will remain in the atomizer when it is idle and will not vaporize by itself.
  • After filling the ink cartridge with oil, do not open the ink cartridge. (Will cause the ink cartridge inside the liquid overflow caused by obstruction)
  • No matter what type of concentrate or oil has its own viscosity. as a result of temperature, pressure, or other external factors resulting in ink block.

How do you tell if your vape cartridge clogged?

When you suck, the light on the device appears normal, but there is no airflow atomization, which means your device is working. But for some reason prevents the steam from entering the mouthpiece, so you can be sure that the cartridge clogged.

Before you try to fix the ink cartridge, take a look at the following tips that provide you with a way out of the blockage:

What to Do About a Clogged Cartridge?

Method #1: Use Heat

Dredge the cartridge by heating the vape cartridge to remove excess concentrate. (Before heating, make sure nothing falls out of the cartridge)

Method #2: Manual cleaning of clogged cartridges

Use very small pointed objects, such as toothpicks, sewing needles, or safety pins. All objects that can enter the hole in the mouthpiece to unclog the blockage near the top.

Method #3: Blow into the mouthpiece

Try blowing into your mouthpiece. Blowing must be very careful, do not use too much force, or it will lead to filter leakage.

Method #4: Check the cartridge/battery contacts and make sure they charged

  1. Check the contacts on the cartridge:
    The contacts on the cartridge may not connect to the contacts on the battery. If this happens, use a pen cap or your fingernail to pull the contact upward until it flattens.
  2. Check the battery contacts:
    It is possible that the contacts of the battery may be clogged or covered. If this happens, wipe the contact part with a tip object moistened with alcohol. Let the contact surface dry completely, reconnect the battery to the cartridge, and try again.
  3. Make sure your battery charged and turned on

Method #5: Replacement Your Cartridge

Cartridge clogging is very common, as long as you maintain good habits, by our advice to you. Clean your cartridges and to maintain the continuous operation of vape ongoing.


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