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An Introduction of Vaping Packaging Manufacturer


As a comprehensive manufacturing factory integrating development, design, printing, packaging, and sales, we aim to provide customers with multi-level and reliable services. We are proud to say that we have excellent handicraft workers as our full support.

Today, this article will take you to explore their work and show you the whole process of our packaging box manufacturing.

Factory History

Founded in July 2013 at Shen Zhen—an advanced manufacturing city in China, our factory has been working hard in the packaging manufacturing industry for more than eight years. Relying on a comprehensive analysis of the global economic model and our consideration of the company’s long-term interests, we have – an extensive exploration of our direction and orientation. In the past eight years, the main operating items of the factory have also adjusted accordingly.

For now, we are a medium-scale packaging box manufacturing plant, including four complete production lines. Our manufacturing scope is mainly paper packaging boxes, covering a wide range of product categories: cannabis products, such as pre-rolls, electronic cigarette vaporizers, cannabis creams, etc.; it also involves packaging solutions for cosmetics, such as lipsticks, lip balm, balm, perfume, etc. Still, many other applicable fields are waiting for future development.

From 2013 to 2018

Since 2013, our factory has been committed to manufacturing improvement and the process advance of paper packaging boxes. Before child-resistance packaging boxes were valued, much of our focus was on drawer boxes for vape cartridges, folding cartons for concentrates jars/extracts containers, folding cartons for tincture bottles, and cardboard tubes for pre-rolls/tincture bottles.

From 2018 to 2019

With the popularization of marijuana and e-cigarettes, the United States and other countries have begun to pay attention to the potential risks that cannabis, e-cigarettes, and their derivatives bring to children. At the same time, relevant governments have introduced a series of laws and regulations to maintain market stability. They also proposed some measures based on packaging solutions to protect underaged children.

In response to these regulations, we have developed a type of paper packaging box with a childproof button in 2018 and have applied for a patent to meet the 16 CFR 1700.20 child-resistance standards on Jan.02, 2019. This patent made us a leading factory in the manufacture of child-resistant packaging boxes in Shen Zhen. At that time, our daily productivity has reached 12,000 PCS for these CR-certified paper boxes.

Our high-quality packaging solutions, coupled with high-efficiency productivity, allow us to trade frequently with customers from all over the world. Most of them come from the United States and Canada, some from countries of the Middle East. A wide range of partners makes our China-made packaging boxes spread in stores of all sizes. During this period, we spend most attention on manufacturing CR cardboard boxes for cannabis pre-rolls and CR paper boxes for cannabis-infused edibles.

From 2019 to Now

Innovation is a foundation of changes on child-resistant packaging boxes. We must promote originality, inspire creativity and encourage innovation. Thus in 2019, we made persistent efforts and produced three more packaging boxes with child-resistant patents, and they are childproof slide boxes with a button on the lateral side, childproof slide boxes with a button on the reverse side, childproof slide boxes with wings on both lateral sides (more details at chaoyangx.sg-host.com, seeing Four Vaping Packaging Solutions with Childproof Certificates).

Innovations mean not only more benefits but also market effects beyond expectations for the brands that apply them. The unique design makes those packaging boxes become star products on the shelf. Lock buttons protect children from potential risks. Paper materials benefit from establishing environmentalist brands and recycling. All these advantages promote our paper packaging boxes widely acclaimed in Europe and the Middle East.


Our business model allows us to have more experience in cooperating with start-ups and developing enterprises. We can better understand their practical needs in many aspects, such as minimum order quantity (MOQ) and great bulk discounts.

In years to come, we will work harder to develop high-quality and economical packaging to help to improve the competitiveness of start-ups and growing firms that cooperate with us. We will also strive to increase productivity, expand factory scale, and bring our experience and technology into a broader development space. We are looking forward to cooperating with more commercial giants.

Custom Packaging Boxes

As an eco-friendly, creative, and diversified manufacturing factory, we support highly customized packaging conceptions. Good communication is the basis for us to respond to your brand design correctly. Rich experience and a variety of options are our boosters to help you build your brand image and enhance consumer loyalty.


High-quality packaging materials are related to the market value of products. Nowadays, the popularity of e-cigarettes makes price no longer the main tactic of market competition. Better packaging materials must be the preferred choice among products that cost around the same amount of money.

Boxes made of various types of paper can bring different feels to customers. It can be light, portable, or thick, stable. Whichever you choose, you need to deal with them according to your actual needs.

We provide nearly 20 kinds of material options for you to choose from: laid paper, C2S art paper (80 -157gsm), matte art paper, C1S art paper (170gsm), recycle paper, synthetic paper, self-adhesive paper/label/Sticker sheet, kraft paper/card…, etc. The thickness and grade of each kind of material also can be customized. If you need other materials that we don’t have, so can we help to find high-quality, low-cost sources to meet your diverse needs.

Flexible Shapes and Changeable Sizes

The fitness between the packaging box and the product has an impact on the protectability of the shell. This impact suggests the necessity to add internal protection to the packaging boxes, especially for those fragile commodities.

To ensure low transportation costs, merchants will generally consider the space occupied by the packaging boxes transportation, which should be as small as possible. Concerning this, the most cost-effective packaging solution is folding cartons that can transport in a flat structure, but the merchant will need to fold and package by themselves.

However, merchants who sell fragile products such as e-cigarette vaporizers and tobacco paste in glass jars are more inclined to choose thick and rigid boxes. The increase in material cost makes them have to consider other factors that would reduce their costs. After all, with transaction costs cut, prices for consumers were lower and profits for traders higher.

We provide various shapes of packaging boxes, including conventional rectangles and tubes, as well as triangles, pentagons, hexagons, etc. Or you have other feasible suggestions, please feel free to communicate with us, and we will do our damnedest to get it into reality.

Printing and Finishing

We treat every packaging box as unfinished artwork, and we are concerned about every detail. We provide CMYK Printing and Pantone Printing that comply with international standards to ensure color saturation and reduction. Combined with our advanced machines, we will offer complete feedback on your design in the allowable area.

Despite the various processing mentioned above, we can still guarantee that our packaging boxes are safe, non-toxic, and recyclable.

Additional Services

Aided Design

We have abundant experience in designing paper packaging boxes. If you don’t have a clue yet, please contact us for more practical ideas for your reference.

Free Mockups

After finalizing all aspects of the customized packaging box, we will provide you with free mockups by videos before producing them in large amounts. If you need to see a solid sample, we can also mail it, but you need to bear the freight.

Stable Logistics Channels

After your products are mass-produced, we provide a variety of transportation methods that depend on the destination. We ensure that your customized packaging boxes will reach their final place quickly and safely.

Quick Turnaround Time

Generally speaking, each production line can produce up to 10,000 PCS—13,000 PCS of ordinary packaging boxes per day. Therefore, the turnaround time would mostly be relevant to your order quantity and manufacturing complexity.

Low MOQ and Great Bulk Discount

At present, most of our cooperators are start-ups and developing companies. To meet their actual needs them, we provide low MOQ and great bulk discounts.

Design and Manufacturing


Design, as the crucial part of the packaging box manufacturing process, involves many aspects.

Determine the Basic Style of Packaging.

The determination of the packaging style is the basis for subsequent design because this choice is related to the preservation of the product and the following processes such as printing and finishing.

Choose Inner Protection

After you have decided on the basic style, it would be better to consider whether your product needs additional protection.

Generally speaking, there are two options for extra inner protection—ordinary cardboard and EVA foam. Although the cost EVA is a bit more expensive than cardboard, it can provide the best quality protection for your products. From such a perspective, this is also saving costs for you by reducing products’ damage rate. But if your product is not that fragile, we certainly recommend cardboard inner protection for its lower production cost and equally excellent protectability.

Measure Size

When determining the size of your packaging box, accurate measuring tools are necessary to calculate according to the internal dimensions. This measurement method helps to improve the fitness between your products and packaging boxes, thus enhancing protectability.

Under the principle of cost reduction, we suggest that the size of the packaging box be as small as possible while avoiding products from extrusion.



With well-calculated data and carefully designed information, die-cut will finish faultlessly. The entire cutting process involves multiple project data that need to be further communicated with our professional engineers.


We adopt national standard CMYK Printing and Pantone Printing. Our decoration technology includes but is not limited to hot stamping (foil stamping), graining (embossed line), embossing and debossing, silk screening, spot thickness UV, spot UV, glittering, etc.

Exquisite patterns help to build brand identity. High-end Finishing will further enhance your brand value to the market. Additionally, it catches more consumers’ attention, thus enhancing consumer loyalty.


We are in Shen Zhen, where the paper packaging box industry is developing rapidly.

We are proud that we are a Chinese manufacturer.

We have surplus resources and rich experience.

If you are interested in our products or have any questions, contact us at 1@vapingpackaging.com.


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