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Corrugated Cartons Show Box

  • A standard for cannabis storing and shipping
  • Bespoke size for bulk cannabis products
  • Good ink absorption feature for quality custom printing
  • Plastic-free packaging solution & being 100 percent degradable
  • Recyclable & useful post-consumer resources
  • Cheap & low treatment cost

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Additional information

Product Details:

Corrugated boxes have been offering cannabis producers a practical packaging solution for years. In terms of storing and shipping products, corrugated cartons are a standard that is ideal for e-commerce packaging and subscription box packaging.

These boxes are flexible in size to accommodate various product dimensions, quantities, and weight. They are also flexible in transportation for being flat packaging available.

Also, they are fully customizable with outside printing and decoration. Personalizing your products by printing your brand story on the package is extremely useful when it comes to first consumer sight and their unboxing experience. Additional decorations like embossing and foil stamping are supported to make your box notable.

Sturdy and durable, these one-piece folders with tuck flaps are born to defend the wear and tear of shipping. Typically, they are decent alternatives to standard folding carton boxes as they offer greater strength and structural integrity.

Sustainable, the corrugated boxes are very recyclable—actually the most recyclable in all packaging materials.

Corrugated cartons have proven to be one of the most versatile and cost-efficient solutions for cannabis products. They are worthy of consideration for your ready-to-sell cannabis-infused commodities.

– Transport case for bulk cannabis products
– Storage container for inventory
– Mail box
– Subscription box
– Retail box

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