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Custom Carton Packaging for Dropper Bottles

  • Ship flat and can be reassembled from again and again
  • More automated with fewer equipment set-ups involved
  • Fully customizable in size, thickness, printing, and finishing
  • Highly recyclable materials doing good to the planet
  • Less expensive to produce
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Low MOQ: 1,000pcs

Vaping packaging is an ideal partner to help personalize your product packaging and build brand identity. More cardboard packaging cases or other packaging solutions at vapingpackaging.com. Or, you can contact us at 1@vapingpackaging.com to ask for a quote. We will get back to you soon.

Additional information

Product Details:

Glass containers like herbal liquid bottles and essential oil dropper bottles are fragile and need proper safety protection. We meet incomputable varieties of glass bottle packaging solutions every day in the packaging industry. But which one is the most suitable home for your own products?

Here, we Vaping Packaging provide one compatible wrapping case and countless custom options for your reference.

This packaging solution we recommend today is a one-piece folding carton packaging example with good printing performance to match with a high-quality product image from outside to inside. Of course, the box surface will not be limited to just green background, simple brand logo, or matte lamination. It supports a vast assortment of colors, sophisticated graphics, captivating stamping, and functional finishing to help build your brand confidence.

Folding carton has a long history in cannabis packaging and has never lost popularity throughout the times. It is cost-effective for the long run of your brand because of the widely existed material resources and the flexibility of shipping flat. It is an ideal substitute for plastic packages for being recyclable and sustainable. Also, cardboard is durable enough to protect fragile glass bottles from transmission impacts or falling damages.

But one thing to note is that it is not waterproof and cannot resist water soak. The wet condition will lower fiber toughness and even destroy its structure. In fact, all paper packaging products should be stored in a proper environmental condition.

Custom folding carton packaging still has other advantages such as quick turnaround time, fast producing speed, and manufacturing energy conservation…… More custom options are waiting for you to discover at vapingpackaging.com.


  • Herbal liquid bottle
  • Medicated oil
  • Essential oil
  • Tincture dropper bottle
  • Concentrate packaging

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