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Multifunctional Folding Carton Packaging Solution

  • Multifunctional design to meet both needs of storage and display
  • Fully customizable from size to finishing
  • Short turnaround business time
  • Nature & sustainable
  • Lightweight & Sturdy
  • Flat shipping
  • Cost-effective

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Additional information

Product Details:

Paper packaging has already become a synonym of economic and sustainable. Folding cartons, one common kind of paper packaging, keep making their efforts for the packaging industry and planet health.

This display folding carton box is made of paperboard material that contains high post-consumer content. Being recyclable will make your product packaging a complete economic loop. On the one hand, it is in line with the green consumption concept of contemporary cannabis customers. On the other hand, it helps achieve profit growth by reducing waste disposal costs and increasing sales.

Folding carton boxes are generally used for the secondary packaging of the tincture, vaping, and other cannabis products. They are also suited for product shelf display and warehouse storage. Well, this display box is born to increase your brand exposure by fully customizable possibilities and give your sales a boost with its multifunctional design. It is a value-added investment to introduce your brand to the target audience in this cost-effective way.

The folding carton display box offers a lightweight and sturdy packaging experience. However, we have to indicate the waterproof weakness of paperboard packaging. Although we now have more advanced film covering technology allowing paperboard to cope with a small amount of water erosion, immersing in water is still a problem.

Nothing in the world is perfect, but we need to find the best-fit packaging of your products. If you want to know more packaging solutions in Vaping Packaging, please click here to discover. There is always one type that fits your product.

-Display/secondary packaging for:
-Tincture/wax/CBD oil/vape pens
-Plastic/glass jars
-Metal/plastic/glass cans
-CBD primary packaging bottles

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