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Hexagon Shaped Rigid Packaging Box for Concentrate Jars

Key Features
– Two-piece hatbox style – cap and base
– Geometrically attractive and physically sturdy
– Thumb notches designed to facilitate the opening process
– Customization in sizes to fit containers & jars of different shapes/sizes
– Unique hexagon shape provides more billboard space for marketing and branding purposes
– Fully sustainable and biodegradable w/ all paper material from inside to outside

– Weed jars and bottles
– Cannabis concentrate containers
– Dab containers
– CBD wax containers
– CBD extract jars
– E-liquid bottles

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Additional information

Packaging Style

cannabis extract packaging, e-liquid packaging, hexagon shaped, marijuana packaging, rigid boxes, windowless

Size & Dimension

custom box dimensions, custom box shapes, custom box sizes


art paper, cardboard, chipboard, custom paper stock, custom paper thickness, custom paper weight, kraft paper, recycled paper


4 color process (4CP), CMYK Printing, custom printing, Pantone colors (PMS), spot colors

Finish & Coating

AQ coating, embossing&debossing, foil stamping, Gloss, lamination, Matte, soft-touch finish, UV

Product Details:

Unique Hexagon Concentrate Boxes Help Your Brands Get Noticed
In the increasingly diversified vaping market, cannabis brands need more innovations to differentiate themselves and get noticed in either product development or eye-catching packaging.

Customers are too familiar w/ traditional/regular round or square packaging boxes. Why not try something different to “wow” your customers and set your brands apart on shelves? The unique geometric aesthetics easily catches customers’ eyes on store shelves and get you more chances to win and thus boost sales.

Customized Concentrate Packaging Boxes
You may be frustrated finding a box that fits your cannabis extract jars, vape juice bottles. You may also be concerned about the damage during store handling and the harsh shipping environment.

No more concerns, no more worries.

Whether your containers are round, or cube, we tailor the box to hold your jars and bottles just right. Tell us the dimension of your containers, and the rest work is ours.

Bring Your Concentrate Line to the Next Level w/ Custom Printed Rigid Boxes
Custom printing is the very first step for branding and marketing. More brands come to realize the significance of branded packaging in the long run. That’s why they switch from stock size boxes (usually with sticker labels) to custom-made and custom printed packaging.

Also, marijuana packaging and labeling regulations are also one of the biggest concerns for lots of cannabis brands if there is not enough printing space to put compulsory warning labels, statements, etc.

The hexagon boxes are fully printable from inside to outside, from the cap, the base to the insert, not to mention there are 6 sides that provide more billboard space for graphic designs, product details, warning labels, barcodes, and QR codes.



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