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Partial Cover Rigid Box for Concentrate Containers

  • Two-piece packaging solution with a base tray and a tall lid
  • Ideal secondary packaging box for luxury concentrates
  • Environmentally friendly plastic-free rigid paper box
  • Made of custom printing paper and sturdy chipboard, stylish and durable
  • Locking by friction, simple and safe
  • Highly customizable in every detail just to fit your needs

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Additional information

Finish & Coating

Gloss, Matte


CMYK Printing


recycled paper

Surface Finishing

Embossing & Debossing, Foil Stamping, Glittering, Soft-touch Finishing, Spot UV

Product Details:

A partial cover rigid box, also named telescopic box, contains a base tray and a lid separately. Vaping Packaging provides exquisite rigid boxes helping to elevate your brand identity and protect your products from delivery loss.

Our partial cover box features a detachable tall lid to lock the inner content safely without extra locking methods like a magnetic closure. Carefully designed dimensions and structure ensure the base tray slides out slowly and steadily under the action of box friction and gravity. So, no need to worry about the two pieces separating from each other by mishandling or impacts. If you want a quick opening experience, shortening the lid length to reduce friction between lid and tray can work.

Vaping Packaging’s partial cover box includes three layers like all rigid boxes. Chipboard material is the middle layer serving as an anti-collision protector. Specialty paper glued inside the chipboard also can be customized with printings and finishes. Wrapping paper, the outside layer, is already customized before gluing to the exterior of the chipboard.

All producing processes ensure your customers gift-like opening experiences and bring your brand customer loyalty. Unquestionably, every single detail is customizable just to fit your needs. We have endless packaging ideas in our collections for your brand to create on this two-piece rigid box.


  • Containers of Wax/Sap/Dab
  • Shatter/Crumble Jars
  • Honeycomb/Honey Oil Glass Containers

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