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Rigid Box with Custom Tray

  • Custom designed slide box for mini-sized joints
  • Available in different dimensions and sizes
  • Speciallypreserved space for lighters
  • Combined packaging, rigid sleeve with folding carton tray
  • Durable and sustainable, plastic-free packaging
  • More cost-effective and lighter than a traditional full-rigid box
  • Easy-custom appearance without costing too much

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Additional information

Finish & Coating

Gloss, Matte

Included Options

Die Cutting, Gluing, Perforation, Scored


CMYK Printing


recycled paper

Surface Finishing

Embossing & Debossing, Foil Stamping, Glittering, Soft-touch Finishing, Spot UV

Product Details:

Rigid box (set-up box) is quite a common wrapping type in the cannabis packaging industry, often united with high-end products because of their weight and texture. Rigid boxes are durable and sturdy as named—usually four times thicker than folding cartons. They are also flexible in dimension and decoration, suitable for all kinds of vaping products.

We developed this slide box for mini-sized joints and mamajuana candies based on its packaging merits.

If you ever experienced the anxiety of wanting a lighter but couldn’t find one, you must know your customers feeling when they desire to enjoy a joint but are embarrassed by losing their lighters. Well, this specially designed packaging box defuse that embarrassment very well. We preserved a suitable place for lighters or matches with the help of custom added compartments.

We chose folding cartons instead of chipboards as the material of inner slide trays because the following reasons.

First, we aim to help reduce the material cost for our customers without losing luxurious appearances.

Second, to cut down the shipping cost since a half rigid box is lighter than a full rigid one.

Third, folding cartons are more easily produced and costumed than the thick board.

Every packaging detail is built on our customers’ needs.

This slide-tray box is also highly customizable in printing and finishing. The present packaging technology makes rigid boxes commonly wrapped with custom printing papers, which is easy to produce colorful patterns and fancy finishing effects.

As we can tell, a luxury appearance does not have to cost too much. A custom rigid container is a competitive packaging option that brings you cost-effective profits and high-end exteriors.


  • Delta-8 THC Mini-Sized Caviar Pre-Rolls
  • Mini-Sized Pre-Rolled Blunts/Tubes/Cones
  • Mini-Sized Pre-Filled Glass Joints
  • Mini-Sized Cannabis Products with Matches or Lighters
  • CBD Gummies

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