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Window Carton Packaging for Vape Pens

  • A folding carton box with a clear PVC window
  • Ideal packaging for vape pens
  • The box body is made of recyclable cardboard materials.
  • Complete customization in dimension, thickness, printing, and added finishing
  • Cost-effect & half-recyclable
  • Disposable for carrying out

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Additional information

Product Details:

Paper packaging solutions are everywhere around the cannabis packaging industry. Why this windowed packaging box is so competitive? We have summarized several possible reasons that may help you to choose an ideal package for your products.

  • Custom printing helps to make your product noticeable.
    The first thing to grab the customer’s attention from a distance is to specialize your packaging color. The best is to form brand-specific colors for the good of brand loyalty and recognization. Responsible packaging manufacture like Vaping Packaging will assure packaging color consistency by tireless check and correction. Custom printing leaves a deep impression on customers and facilitates future consumption.
  • Window packaging ease purchasing decision.
    Paper packaging can tell a brand story by custom printing, thus making your product visually attractive. However, visually attractiveness is not the only deciding factor whether customers are interested in purchasing or not. Either package of vape pens, CBD wax, dabs, or cannabis flowers, the use of window packaging helps your customers understand the product directly. And this is the crucial one to ease their purchasing decision.
  • Cost-effective and half-recyclable
    This paper packaging box with a PVC window is a very cost-effective case for vape pens. On the one hand, paper and plastic material cost is cheap to reserve the product appreciation space.
    On the other hand, this solution is at least half-recyclable due to the plastic window. We have to indicate this point because we felt a little regret on the non-eco-friendly part.

As always, we have been doing our best to make fully recyclable packaging solutions. This case is only one example of the whole exploring process. Also, you could explore more at our website to find your ideal packaging solutions.


  • Vape pen
  • cigarette holder
  • Secondary packaging of pre-rolls/cannabis flowers

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