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What Are Mylar Weed Bags Used For?

smell proof mylar bags packaging

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to store weeds, consider using mylar bags. Mylar bags are one of the least expensive options on the market and are easy to heat seal.

Mylar weed bags are the perfect companion for the long-term storage of weeds, cannabis flowers, and herbs. because of their chemical properties that are odour resistant. For food storage, mylar bags are also a good choice.

They come in a variety of sizes, but the great thing is that they are airtight. And the Mylar bags make it possible to isolate your product from the environment. So they used to store large quantities of weeds and herbs without drying out.

Advantages of Mylar Bags as Cannabis Packaging

Has Opaque Properties

Due to the chemical structure of polyester film bags, and the opaque nature of the aluminium layer of its packaging, It prevents Cannabis THC from degrading due to light. And helps your cannabis buds their colour and flavour, making cannabis products last longer.

Keeping Cannabis Flowers Fresh

Mylar bags insulate air and water. And often used in the cannabis packaging industry to make cannabis flower packaging. Which is a cost-effective packaging for preservatives.

Good Flexibility And High Tensile Strength

Mylar bags are soft, insulating, and have durable plastic sheeting. Because of their attached aluminium layer, which increases the durability of Mylar bags. Prevents product tearing, and allows them to reuse.

Prevents Odor Spillage

Mylar weed bags not only will not absorb the smell but also can prevent odour overflow. The smell of cannabis is famous all over the world, so a custom mylar weed bag is one of the indispensable packaging methods in the cannabis industry.

Easy Shipping

The durable nature of the Mylar weed bag prevents punctures, facilitates transportation conditions. And when purchased or transported, no one will find the contents of the bag because of the smell of marijuana.

Child-Resistant Packaging

Mylar weed bags support custom packaging of various sizes. Can also customize to prevent children from entering the mylar bags as protection. So that your products are more in line with sales demand, increase your sales.

Tips For Storing Cannabis Products

While using mylar bags to store weed or other products is the easiest and most practical way. There are still other considerations you need to take into account to maximize the longevity of the product.

  • Dark Environment: As mentioned above, light can cause premature degradation of Cannabis THC and also affect its color change, which can lead to poor sales for you. Despite the opaque properties of Mylar weed bags. Are recommended that you store your weed or other cannabis products in a darker location.
  • Cool And Airy Environment: Hot environments also destroy cannabis THC. Keeping weeds in a cool, ventilated location will keep them fresh. The recommended temperature for storing weed in a location is 20-22°C.
  • Dry Environment: Humidity doesn’t seem to be kind to all products, and cannabis products are no exception. Even though the mylar bags sealed, recommended that you store them in a dry place.

Before you will store your cannabis products, label your mylar bags with labels or other property contents. This can help keep your storage in order.

Questions About Mylar Bags

If you have any other questions about polyester film bag packaging, please leave a comment below or send me an email and I’ll be happy to answer them for you!


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