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What is a CBD Packaging?

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More and more people are interested in CBD Oil, a natural supplement, and as the CBD industry grows, so does the amount of competition. As a new CBD business owner, you may be troubled by questions about the packaging of your product.

If you’re in the business of selling CBD products, it’s important to know that you have the right packaging. Then the first thing you need to customize is CBD Packaging that is specific to your brand.

CBD is said to have many health benefits, including pain relief and fighting cancer cells. So, what is CBD Packaging?

CBD Packaging is a custom-made Packaging for CBD Oil or other products containing CBD components. Often CBD products are packaged in child-resistant locks to prevent children from eating or getting hurt.

Basic knowledge of CBD packaging

Because of the nature of CBD products, companies that sell CBD products must be careful about the content on the packaging, first to protect the interests of users, and second to avoid being hit by federal regulators.

With the current trial of the gradual legalization of marijuana, many countries are concerned about the way regulation is implemented, and the first and foremost is the packaging of the product.

CBD packaging content to indicate whether it is food or supplements?

There is a wide variety of CBD products, including oil, gel, food, capsules and beverages, and so on. Depending on your particular product, you may need to use an FDA approved dietary supplement label or food label.

What are the elements that must be included in CBD packaging content?

Once you have confirmed the definition of your particular CBD product, you must include some more specific elements in the CBD packaging design to present to the user:

  1. Product Identity Statement: Clearly tells the consumer the identity of the product. For example: “dietary supplement”, “cannabis extract”, “food”, “herbal supplement”, “Ointment”, etc.
  2. Product Net Content Statement: clearly show the number of products in the package. For example, “10 ounces” or “30 capsules”.
  3. Description of product ingredients: The manufacturer must list the most common ingredients in the product in descending order.
  4. Manufacturer’s Statement of Responsibility: specify your company name, company address, and the location where the product is made.
  5. Product Nutrition Statement: Supplement the “Nutrition Label” or “Supplemental Label” not listed above.
  6. Highlight the amount/potency of active CBD ingredients in the product: list the total amount of cannabis extract oil in each serving or a list of each cannabinoid contained in the product.

CBD products have a plethora of medical uses and you need to take special care to highlight the warnings about CBD and tell consumers to know what they are buying!

Specific laws and regulations for each region regarding CBD products

Please be aware that different regions have different labeling regulations for these types of products.

For example, CBD packaging is required to have a QR code that the user can scan to obtain a detailed list of each product, including its lot number, ingredients, expiration date, and information about its independent laboratory analysis.

Therefore, please ensure that your products and requirements are kept up to date with local regulations. Even if your CBD packaging meets the standards this year, you may have to change your existing packaging next year due to regulatory changes.

Customize CBD packaging around changing laws and regulations

The current gradual legalization of cannabis is really an exciting time for the cannabis industry.

If you are selling CBD products, you will need to research industry-wide review standards as well as laws and regulations. If in doubt, follow FDA guidance on food, dietary supplement, or child-resistant packaging.

Finally, if you need to customize CBD products or childproof lock packaging, please contact: 1@vapingpackaging.com


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