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What is a pod system vape?

The vape industry is growing rapidly and is constantly introducing new concepts that are changing the way vape is traditionally done! In today’s world, the sleek and compact pod is ideal for vapers looking for quality and portability.

Both the Pod System and Mod System use the same sub-ohm technology to generate vapor, the Pod System contains a coil, wick, and e-juice, basically everything you need, and it does so at a lower power and temperature than traditional e-cigarettes.

Vape Pod System Basics

The vape pod system is somewhere between a regular e-cigarette and a vape mod system. Even though the vape pen is budget-friendly and highly portable like the pod system, the battery life of the vape pen doesn’t last long. Compared to the complex setup of a mod system, a pod system has more practical and portable attributes.

The pod system is designed to combine the advantages of a mod system and a vape pen, making it easy to enjoy a high-quality vape experience. The pod system is available in 2 options, Open Systems and closed systems are chosen according to your preferences.

Open vape pod system

The open system simply means that you can manually fill any e-liquid and flavor you like, as well as nicotine content, and change cartridges and regular coils.

Closed vape pod system

Closed vape pod systems use pre-filled vape juice cartridges that work similarly to atomizers, In addition, the closed pod system does not need to replace the Coil and maintenance tank, which has a higher practicality.

Advantages of the Vape Pod System:

For vapers, all products in any vaping world are completely up to your own personal preferences, as each product has its own points and drawbacks.

Pod System is very easy to use

Vape pod systems operate similarly to vape pens; POD systems are usually pre-filled with a high-quality e-liquid that vaporizes regardless of the concentration, producing atomization in seconds with the push of a button, and changing or refilling the POD is an easy process.

  1. Vape pod systems are practical and portable: The pod suite has always been ergonomically oriented, smaller, lighter, more modern, and leak-free.
  2. The Vape pod system requires little maintenance: The pod system is well-built and requires no additional work to maintain.
  3. Vape pod systems are very inexpensive: There are several options available on the market today for the price of a pod system, up to a maximum of $50.
  4. Vape pod systems do not generate huge vapor clouds: The pod system is much smaller than the mod system and is suitable for a variety of applications.

Disadvantages of the Vape Pod system:

Every product has its own drawbacks, whether they are important to you, but look at things from your own preferred perspective.

  • Limited battery life: Although pod systems have a longer battery capacity than vape pens, pod systems are generally smaller than mod systems, so they need to be recharged regularly.
  • Limited Flavor Selection: The unique design of the Pod system’s ultra-portable, sleek and lightweight design issues necessitated the use of specific cartridges, which meant it was limited by the flavor choices offered by the manufacturer.
  • Smaller e-liquid volume: The smallest pod system devices can hold less than 1ml of liquid, but still the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes, you can choose the right pod device for your needs!

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